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About UMD

From our beginnings in 1996, UMD Automated Systems believed there was a better way to create mechanical systems for material handling and manufacturing. We wanted to build systems more durable, more efficient, and more adaptable to companies’ changing needs. So we took a broader view, learned everything we could about each customer, and focused on solving business challenges that extend far beyond a specific application. Things like longer equipment life, easier maintenance, and lower total cost of ownership. We’ve followed that path ever since. It’s the best way we know to keep your products – and your business – in motion.

Today UMD brings a fresh, innovative design strategy to every project. Drawing on broad experience across multiple industries and continuous Research & Development, we create unique solutions designed around the overall needs of our customer, not just the specific application.  Highest quality, improved production and maximum efficiency are keys…always were, always will be. We call it developing proprietary approaches to common problems, and it’s our way of giving your business a competitive edge.


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