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Accumulation Systems

UMD has a variety of Accumulation Systems to solve the many challenges present in Material Handling.

Standard Sorters

UMD provides a number of sorting systems designed to maximize efficiency, handle larger capacities at a faster pace, and are completely modifiable for changing needs.

Power Roll Accumulation

UMD produces a variety of Accumulation Systems that solve many of the challenges present in materials handling operations today. Our equipment can improve productivity, efficiency and throughput helping companies save money and generate a strong return on investment.

ZonARoll conveyors are zoned motorized roller accumulators for non-contact accumulation of tires and wheels. Each zone features a self-contained motor within the rollers allowing easy maintenance. Daisy chain control minimizes control I/O compared to conventional systems.

ZonAcc© Accumulation

ZonAcc positive drive conveyors provide efficient non-contact accumulation of both tires and wheels. The ZonControl feature minimizes control I/O compared to traditional systems.


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