Services Spotlight: Engineering

UMD Automated Systems strives to create better processes related to mechanical systems for material handling and manufacturing. We took a broader view, learned everything we could about each customer, and focused on solving business challenges that extend far beyond a specific application. Things like longer equipment life, easier maintenance, and lower total cost of ownership. We’ve followed that path ever since. It’s the best way we know to keep your products – and your business – in motion. Our services include a proven production process, innovative design engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and custom software & control development. As a multi-divisional company, we perform all these services in-house, working closely with you to develop your total materials handling system from start to finish.

With over 30 years of engineering knowledge, we bring a unique design strategy to every project. As active listeners, we hear your needs and give you a solution that is a perfect fit. We strive to design material handling systems and machinery that improve your productivity and operational efficiencies – systems that get the job done right and ultimately save you money. We ultimately save you money by providing durable components with low maintenance requirements. Our systems are scalable, to grow as you do. We use multiple programs to be as flexible as possible which means as your needs change, your systems can too.

UMD Automated Services strives to use an 80/20 approach to all systems. 80% of what we’re doing we have a history with, and the other 20% is unique to the application we’re working on. The 80% is a foundation; it is the technology that we have proved to work over the last 30 years. The 20% is the research and development that goes into each clients’ projects. It’s innovation. It’s tailored solely to your application, something that we’ve only built for your system. It’s what takes the 80% and makes it applicable for you. And you can trust that 20%.

Here at UMD, we tend to lead and not follow. We have a history of developing advanced designs. We put a lot of resources into research and development, pushing technology to the limit to provide systems that optimize your business. Contact us to find out how we can enhance your business.

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Advantages of ZonAcc© Conveyor Systems

UMD’s ZonAcc© Conveyor Systems achieve effective delivery by utilizing sensor-controlled drive systems. These systems are used in accumulation, staging and gravity conveyor solutions. The modular design allows parts to be easily replaced as they require no additional set up and are manufactured in segments. The non-contact or zero-pressure accumulation helps eliminate scrap or rework issues caused with conveyors. With multiple options of the ZonAcc© to choose from, your conveyor system priorities will be met with ease.

ZonAcc© Zone Accumulation

The ZonAcc© Zone Accumulation is a heavy-duty machine that keeps products from touching while eliminating line pressure. Watch how the accumulation conveyor system works.

ZonAcc© Zero Pressure Accumulation

The ZonAcc© Zero Pressure Accumulation system eliminates lines pressure but allows the products to touch. Watch how the zero-pressure accumulation system works.

ZonAcc© Controlled Flow Gravity

The ZonAcc© Controlled Flow Gravity system adds a new element of control to a current gravity assisted decline conveyor products. This cost-efficient tool rids the need for drive motors to reach similar effects. This allows a lower installation rate. Watch how this controlled flow gravity system works.

Our ZoneAcc© Conveyor Systems is unique to UMD Automated Systems. These systems are stand alone products that do not require additional set-up time. The system can handle heavier products and do not put pressure on the products which makes it the gentlest yet robust system. Contact us to see if the ZonAcc© system is right for your conveyor needs.

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Reduce Downtime, Increase Performance

The overall performance is constantly being measured by operations managers in the manufacturing industry. When systems are down, that means the company is losing profit and affecting their bottom line. Being able to quickly get systems back up and running is an important aspect to pay attention to. With state-of-the-art software and controls solutions from UMD, we keep your products moving and your business on the move.

UMD Automated Systems software and control solutions keep your system operating with the efficiency, accuracy, and speed that your application demands. Our in-house electrical engineering team provides complete design, development, and integration of automated control systems with all of our products. And to ensure that every system functions precisely as envisioned, we work closely with every customer to develop the operational specifications and devices required for system control. Each system is then built and tested in our electrical shop and can be commissioned on-site by our trained staff.

Designing A System 

Understanding overall equipment effectiveness helps improve productivity goals by organizing the data relevant to facility performance. The value of performance data provides insight into operations. Successful projects result from a clearly defined plan and proper design. UMD maintains an established but evolving planning process to assure that our design meets and exceeds your requirements. Every project begins with the creation of a Control Functional Specification (CFS), the guiding document that defines the project and becomes the basis for design, programming, and development of the control system. The design process includes project review, equipment submittals and system one-line diagrams for your consideration and approval. 

Custom Software Solutions

Part of the challenge is the number of software applications that promise to help improve some aspect of production. By not starting with the bigger picture of how a facility is performing, actual improvements might not have the impact that’s expected. You deserve a software solution that is more than “just adequate.” While many off-the-shelf software packages provide functionality that “gets the job done”, none are unique to your operation or your company. UMD sees it a bit differently. It is our responsibility to provide a software package that delivers excellent performance while allowing your input for the look and feel of the final product. We make this happen by creating custom software solutions, utilizing pre-packaged software and often combining the best of both.

Performance data helps users accomplish more in less time by providing the overall equipment effectiveness information users need to determine whether their plant is as productive as it could be. When customers call with downtime challenges, our Remote Support Services team provides real-time troubleshooting and monitoring of automation systems and equipment and by off-site automation specialists. UMD Field Services provides fast, reliable on-site engineering support designed to get your business up and running quickly and efficiently. Contact us to learn more. 


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Gain Efficiency With Batch Systems

Increasing consumer demands have brought the need for improved and more flexible production solutions in the tire and rubber industry. From handling a larger variety of products requiring easier and more frequent changes throughout production, companies are looking for ways to increase efficiency and flexibility in their operations. 

The use of a modern batch control system custom designed by UMD Automated Systems is helping companies achieve more flexible, productive and efficient operations. Batch systems sequence the same set of production equipment in different ways.

UMD designs complete Mixing and Batch-Off systems with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Our versatile, modular design method offers excellent durability and makes it easy to add a variety of components to both upstream mixer-feed and batch-off systems. UMD systems deliver maximum performance all the time and scalability whenever you need it.

UMD’s modular design approach is the perfect solution for both tire & rubber and non-tire applications. With high throughput reliability, these units are used for both master batch and final pass mixing. Many options are available to automatically achieve multi-arrangements of traditional stacking, cut-slabs, and multi-strip production.

UMD system options include Cantilever Batch-Off and Fixed Bar Batch-Off designs. Both provide easy installation, maximum efficiency and the ability to reconfigure, update, or relocate the final process lines.

Having a system that allows operators to easily and fully control these systems is key to achieving the flexibility required in daily operations. Get started with a batch system with UMD Automated Systems. Give us a call at 740-694-8614 or fill out an online form

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Increasing Efficiency in Tire and Rubber Operations

The automotive and tire manufacturing industry is an intriguing space to be in. However, technology is constantly changing in the industry and with that, the efficiency of your operations can be hindered causing problems.

UMD creates complete state-of-the-art material handling solutions for leading manufacturers in various industries with special emphasis in Tire and Rubber and Tier 1 Automotive. And while every customer offers unique products or services, the need to improve efficiency, maintain quality standards, and plan for change is common to all. At UMD, we consider the overall company needs with every system that we design, no matter how specific the application. We know from experience that every solution built for today must include a plan for the future. We are experts in material handling systems and process development. In today’s competitive and ever-changing manufacturing environment, we have to be.

UMD modular tire and wheel systems ensure that newly manufactured tires and wheels move through the entire assembly process efficiently. Our completely integrated systems maintain a consistent flow of product through valve stem installation, dynamic rim balancing, pressurizing inflation, tire sequencing, tire stacking, and trailer loading – without delays, back-ups or waste.

Our tire and rubber industry expertise helps deliver total solutions that maximize production and minimize risk. We can help address your application needs with experienced engineers. Our engineers are well-versed with industry regulations, standards, and requirements. Proven processes keep your operations in sync and deliver products on time.

To learn more about our tire and rubber applications, contact us today!

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Mixing and Batching Solutions for the Tire and Rubber Industry

The tire manufacturing process involves a series of specialized operations with precise requirements for temperature and pressure control, component splicing, measurement, and testing. UMD Automated Systems can help you every step of the way with equipment that will meet or exceed quality standards while improving productivity throughout your tire and rubber operation.

Mixing and Batching Systems

UMD designs complete Mixing and Batch-Off systems using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Our adaptable, modular design promotes durability and makes it easy to add different components to both upstream mixer-feed and batch-off systems. Our systems deliver maximum performance and are easily scalable. Our engineers use a modular design approach and it’s the best solution for both tire and rubber applications. With high reliability, these units are used for both master batch and final pass mixing. Many options are available to automatically achieve multi-arrangements of traditional stacking, cut-slabs, and multi-strip production.

Mixer Feed Systems

UMD Mixer Feed Systems are designed as a part of mixing and batching solutions. This equipment includes Mixer Weigh and Charge Systems, Pigment Weigh and Feed Systems, Rubber Bale Handling, and Slab Feeder Cutters.

Take-Away Conveyors

Our modular conveyor solutions include Fixed Take-Away, Hinged Take-Away, and Telescoping Take-Away. All are well-suited for mill, sheeter or extrusion processes. Each is available with optional components such as Batch Marking Systems, Fully Adjustable Slitting Systems, Manual and Automatic Stock Splicers or Hot Sampling with Collection.

Dip Tanks

UMD takes a process-driven approach to Dip Tank equipment, designing systems tailored for the space available in your plant. We understand that every facility has unique area constraints that influence the size and location of the system. Our complete closed loop system simplifies maintenance requirements and options including self-threading dip tanks and removable access doors provide added efficiency.


Our batch-off systems offer capabilities such as process driven I/O screens, batch tracking systems, bin numbering and ID systems for quality control tracking and barcode scanner interfacing.


UMD Pick-Off solutions are capable of handling large or small slabs. These systems use modular, adjustable grippers to pick slabs off of all types of bars. They are available as an un-threading style, and with integrated controls for detecting stock breaks.


UMD builds a wide variety of Pull-Out Conveyors to deliver your slabs wherever you need them to go. Our modular approach to conveyor design along with optional enhancements ensures maximum utility for your operation. Pull-Out options include Auto-stock samplers with reject chute and collection conveyor, metal detectors, multi-floor diverting capabilities, and auto-stock cutters.

Wig-Wags & Stacking

UMD’s Wig-Wags provide for non-precision, semi-precision and precision stacking systems. Based on the tolerance ranges for your stack, our engineers will help you select the most appropriate stacking solution for your application.

  • Non-precision, semi-precision and precision stacking equipment available
  • Auto-cut stacking
  • Automatic skid magazines
  • Skid shifters for multiple skid handling
  • Pallet weighing with batch ticket
  • Designs offering packaging flexibility

Pallet Dispensers

Our pallet dispensing designs give you packaging flexibility. We can provide automatic skid magazines, skid shifters for multiple bale handling, and pallet weighing with batch tickets.

Rubber Reprocessing

At UMD, our equipment reduces scrap material by bringing extruded material to spec more quickly. Imperfect material is cut and re-mixed to minimize waste and avoid disposal costs. Our rubber reprocessing improves manufacturing efficiency and is environmentally friendly.

To learn more about the tire and rubber mixing and batching systems we provide, contact us today!


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Better Technology Leading to Efficiency in the Tire Manufacturing Industry

Those working in the tire manufacturing industry are faced with many challenges and obstacles. They are up against rigid government regulations, ever-changing standards, and consumer need for a great product at a low price.

To achieve these standards, tire manufacturers must be efficient at every stage of the manufacturing process in order to be profitable. While also maintaining the quality and stipulations for each kind of tire produced.

In order to produce quality tires while also being efficient, tire manufacturers are in need of a highly detailed system. This system should be intact for each phase of the tire making process including design, production, and transportation of the tires from start to finish.

At UMD Automated Systems, our tire and rubber automated manufacturing systems provide support for each step of the tire manufacturing process. We provide solutions for mixing and batching, extruder conveyors, calendar lines for upstream and downstream segments, and final inspection. We design your system for high performance and cost-effective manufacturing. Our proven modular design approach coupled with our standard conveyor components saves upfront engineering costs, reduces scrap, and helps keep future upgrade costs low. With years of design engineering and manufacturing experience, UMD gives you the best overall value in the industry.

At UMD we consider overall company needs with every system that we design, no matter how specific the application. We know from experience that every solution built for today must include a plan for the future. We are experts in material handling systems and process development. In today’s competitive and ever-changing manufacturing environment, we have to be.

To learn more about our tire and rubber application systems, contact us online or give us a call and 740-694-8614 to speak with a systems engineer.

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UMD Offers Non-Contact Sortation Conveyors with Intralox™ Technology

UMD creates innovative material handling solutions by listening very closely to our clients. We want to understand your process challenges, equipment needs, and performance objectives. Then we provide a product that will meet your goals – and exceed your expectations. We strive to provide systems that improve productivity, increase efficiencies, are constructed of durable materials, and have low maintenance requirements. The larger goal: reducing your total cost of ownership, and extending the overall life cycle of your system. UMD builds systems designed around the specific product or unique requirements of our customers. Because of our customized approach, we are able to achieve an exact fit between the application and objective each and every time.

The material handling systems that UMD designs have many different specifications depending on how the product must be handled. In some cases, where extra care must be taken, UMD chooses Intralox™ brand belts. The Intralox™ belts are specifically designed to obtain results such as improving transfer speeds, merging, and accumulation of materials. These quality belts ensure the highest quality, most durable and versatile material handling solutions available.

Because of our work with Intralox™ over the years, we’ve developed a close working relationship with their organization. UMD has co-engineered several belt solutions along with Intralox™, which are now utilized in many of our applications. Our relationship with Intralox allows us to custom-design and produce innovative, effective material handling solutions, which exceed the capabilities of anything else available today.

UMD Automated Systems non-contact sortation utilizes Intralox Dual-Stacked Angled Roller Belt (DARB) with our transfer activation unit creating a precise lateral movement each and every time. Non-contact handling minimizes chances for tire uniformity issues during sortation, reducing scrap while keeping product quality. Making it a great application for fragile green tires.

DARB technology can incorporate right and left tire sorting and merging allowing the sorting points to be located directly across the conveyor from each other. Also provides the ability to convey products perpendicularly across the DARB conveyor. DARB is capable of selective sorting or 100% product transfers utilizing a single belt. DARB has been proven in the following areas:

  • Component preparation
  • Tire building and green tire handling
  • Final finish and warehouse

To learn more about our customized conveyor solutions, contact us today!


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Electrical and Control Solutions Tailored By UMD Automated Systems

You deserve a software solution that is more than “just adequate.” While many off-the-shelf software packages provide functionality that “gets the job done”, none are unique to your operation or your company. UMD sees it a bit differently. It is our responsibility to provide a software package that delivers excellent performance while allowing your input for the look and feel of the final product. We make this happen by creating custom software solutions, utilizing pre-packaged software and often combining the best of both.

UMD Automated Systems is revolutionizing the automation of manufacturing by offering full turnkey electrical and control solutions. We start with our engineers using the newest technology in AutoCAD electrical, they are able to design an in-depth electrical and control system for a new or existing machine. Once your design is completed, it is sent to our in-house panel shop where our team assembles to the exact specifications you need. After the panels leave the shop is when they are installed and programmed.

Your fully automated system will be controlled from the latest PLC or robotic technology and interfaces with the HMI touchscreen panel. We have experience with a variety of different brands of PLC’s to meet customer specifications. We pre-wire and test all our systems before they ship, which minimizes startup and installation time. From our touch screen panels, you’ll be able to monitor your system’s status or perform manual control functions. You can also select any part of the machine from the 3D graphic to monitor or make changes to that part of the machine. Systems settings are username and password protected for safety and security purposes.

Another unique feature to UMD is the input and output screens.this will allow your maintenance team to determine any issues with the system. This cuts down on troubleshooting time and eliminates the need for any external computer.

One of UMD’s main goals is to keep you and your team safe while operating the system. Several safety features are installed. When a safety feature is triggered, the system stops, alarm notifying a safety feature is triggered, on the touch screen panel the alarms screen will notify you where the alarm was triggered.

UMD’s electrical and control solutions are fully customizable to handle any process. They are available in a whole turnkey system or just in part. For more information, contact us today!

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ZTR 2100 Powered Curve

UMD Automated Systems offers an industry-tailored 90 degree and 180 degree powered curves featuring modular Intralox ZTR belting. Available in medium and heavy-duty designs. The powered curves offer smooth and reliable transfers while maintaining product location and orientation.

The non-adhesive flat top belt doesn’t allow for relative movement between the product and the belt. It can also be used as an additional accumulation zone. Which is also safe for green tires with no catch points and helps maintain tire gapping.

It has a small, constant inner radius despite belt width. The ZTR has a lug tooth sprocket engagement for positive drive. This is a simple and low maintenance drive system. The low tension belt makes it easy to replace or repair a belt when needed. The low tension system has eliminated many issues of a traditional conveyor system such as belt mistracking, slippage and frayed edges.

The ZTR has improved reliability and increased system uptime resulting in greater productivity. With overall improved product stability and system performance.

The ZTR Curve has greatly reduced the annual cost of ownership. For more information, contact UMD today!

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