The Different Types of Sorters and how they can Impact your Operations

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Productivity, capacity and industry trends have increased the need for high performance equipment, demanding high speeds and constant operation. Sorters are the way for your operation to achieve these different levels of success. Sorters are a way to quickly move products around at the highest and utmost efficiency without taking away your man power from other areas they need to be attending to.

UMD provides a number of sorting systems designed to maximize efficiency, handle larger capacities at a faster pace, and are completely modifiable for changing needs. Our production engineers work closely with both our customers and suppliers to forecast changes in demand within the manufacturing, distribution and storage industries. We then incorporate these factors in our systems design to reflect the trends and changes in the marketplace.

Standard Sorters

Standard Sorters offer a contact sorting solution with a higher rate of product diverting per minute than no-touch equipment. UMD sorters employ VibraDamp™ technology for rapid sorting with much less vibration than traditional sorting equipment. Our standard sorters are bi-directional and capable of 90° transfer without spurs.

UMD offers an extensive line of pre-engineered standard conveyors that can combined to create an effective modular sorting system with medium to heavy duty material handling capacity. Our standardized conveyor and sortation components are designed with customization in mind to meet your specific system requirements quickly and efficiently. UMD’s modular systems are highly flexible and will readily adapt to future changes in system requirements.

7000 Sorters

The 7000 Sorter offers non-contact sorting and requires a spur for discharge. It is capable of bi-directional sorting, diverting both left and right with a single belt.

DARB Sorters

DARB Sorters utilize non-contact diverter technology to avoid the potential alteration in green tire uniformity that can occur with standard sortation equipment. With DARB Sorters, the outside tread or inside bead make no contact with the conveyance equipment. DARB cross-belt intersection technology can move product straight through an intersection or make precise, single direction 90° transfers in a single plane of operation without the need for spurs.

For more information about how our different types of Sorters can benefit your operation, give us a call today 740-694-8614.

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Engineering Expansion Success at UMD!

Here at UMD Automated Systems, we’re entering Phase 3 of our company expansion. This phase includes expanding our engineering office and is expected to start on April 27th for company/customer use. Our goal at UMD is to challenge the status quo and to provide the highest level of customer service available on the market today. For over 20 years we have designed and manufactured quality equipment that not only lasts but that we are proud to stand behind.

In 1996 our founder Don Rogers, a self-motivated entrepreneur, and his wife Laura founded UMD and have since been joined by their sons, Nick and Michael. We now have over 80 employees at two locations, as well as UMD Associates in Latin America.

At UMD, we have consistently aimed for innovation within the material handling and manufacturing industries. The Phase 3 expansion will help us to work even closer together by increasing communication for project management. It will also sharpen our work and technology when it comes to research and development. At UMD, we are passionate about sharing industry advice with others in an effort to advance the field as a whole. We believe that together, we are stronger and can help all industry leaders succeed to new heights.

Our team believes that there are always better ways to improve material handling and manufacturing. We consistently strive to build systems that are durable, more efficient, and able to adapt to the changing needs of a company. We do this by getting to know our customers, understanding their business challenges, and providing answers to lowering costs and improving return on investment.

When it comes to the production process, we do it all in-house. We work with the customer during the concept phase, then move to design, and lastly production. We complete all setup and testing, working rigorously to ensure the final product is designed to last.

Currently, we serve a wide variety of industries including custom machinery and conveyor systems for tire and rubber, and Tier One automotive. We also serve the, bulk handling, package transport, and more.

To find out more about UMD, you can read our blog, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or connect with us on LinkedIn. To speak with a professional about how we can serve you, we invite you to contact us to learn more today.

We believe in always doing the right thing, from customer service, designing our equipment, to manufacturing, and installation.

UMD Addition Rendering 2016

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UMD Offers Latest Industry Technology Updates Through YouTube Videos

Here at UMD Automated Systems, we create material handling solutions for manufacturers in a wide range of industries, such as Tire and Rubber, Tier 1 Automotive, packaging and tote handling, appliance, bulk handling, and structural. When you choose us for all your material handling solutions, you’ll get increased efficiency, a dedication to quality standards, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing market.

We like staying up to date on all the changes going on, and we know you do too. To learn more about the latest technology and to keep informed, we invite you to check out our YouTube channel. It offers the latest videos and updates for industries including material handling, manufacturing (conveyor systems), tire, rubber, auto, steel, appliance, bulk handling, trailers, package transport, and more.

Some of our recent YouTube videos include the MDR Belt Over Conveyor, UMD Electrical and Control Solutions, UMD Miners Weigh Systems, and 2016 UMD Batch Off Systems. These credible videos give the viewer a better glimpse at the technology as it’s being used and what the machines are capable of doing. Being able to see solutions and new technology means you get a first glimpse into what’s working and what’s new on the market keeping you ahead of the competition.

At UMD Automated Systems, we believe in continual research and development to make sure we’re staying competitive and innovative with system design and manufacturing. We offer in-house expertise, from engineering to design to manufacturing and to software and controls development. We invite you to stay in touch with us by subscribing to our YouTube channel, following our blog, connecting with us on LinkedIn, liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter. We look forward to helping you find the perfect material handling solution for your company.

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UMD Automated Systems Looks Forward to 2017

Here at UMD Automated Systems, we are currently analyzing the manufacturing outlook and trends for 2017 and 2018. Although slow growth is predicted, there will most likely be a long-term increase over the coming years, which is great news for the entire U.S. This slow growth won’t be felt in all sectors as some will expand faster than others.

This coming year is expected to be good for several sectors, one of which being the tire industry, of which UMD Automated Systems closely works and provides products for. Whether it’s tire and rubber, tire and wheel, or other automotive products, we look forward to continuing to help expand the manufacturing industries in the U.S. and worldwide across all divisions.

In addition to the automotive industry, we also serve appliance, bulk handling, package transport and the trailer industries. We offer solutions by working closely with our customers to determine their exact needs and matching those needs with the exact products to ensure all performance objectives, including productivity, increasing efficiency, and reducing total cost of ownership by using durable materials with low maintenance requirements.

At UMD Automated Systems, we manufacture all types of material handling equipment and conveyor systems. As well as many tried and true conveyor products, we also have established newer technology solutions in conveyance including our ZonAcc non-touch accumulation systems and Vibra-Damp® technology offering benefits including Structural Integrity, equipment wear, product damage, sound dampening and more. Our material handling equipment includes accumulation, sorters, stackers/destackers, depalletizers, as well as Batch-Off and Cooling Lines. Our design services include everything from design to prototype to finished product. Our projects range from retrofitting existing equipment to providing a full turn-key solution.

We are currently looking to expand our engineering office to accommodate our growing demand and expand our client base. Our team of dedicated professionals is looking forward to serving our client base in the next year while staying abreast of all the new changes in the many industries we work with.

To learn more and stay up to date, don’t forget to follow us on our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

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2016 in Review

With the holidays fast approaching, it seems that another year has come and gone. We at UMD Automated Systems are looking ahead and preparing for the new year. At the same time, we’re taking the time to look back at 2016 and reflect on the year’s accomplishments. This year was particularly exciting, as we celebrated our 20th anniversary.

Autumn was a busy time for UMD. We started off the season with a trip to the International Tire Exposition & Conference (ITEC) in mid-September. Held at the John S. Knight Center in Akron, Ohio, the birthplace of the tire industry, this biennial conference attracts world-class tire industry representatives. Our team got the chance to showcase our ZTR Curve and MDR motorized driven conveyors.

In October, we took another road trip, this time heading to Pittsburgh, Pa., for the International Elastomer Conference (IEC). Hosted by the Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS), IEC was held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. We brought a number of our newly developed mixing equipment systems to display at IEC, including our Fixed Bar Batch-Off systems, and, of special interest to the rubber industry representatives in attendance, our Precision Strip Stacker.

Later in October, we joined the rest of the industrial manufacturing world in celebrating Manufacturing Day. This year, we focused on our innovative research and development efforts, which eventually led to the development of our ZTR Curve motorized driven conveyors.

The ZTR Curve is a state-of-the-art powered conveyor system capable of curving not only at 90° but also at angles as extreme as 180°. Equipped with lug tooth sprocket engagement for smooth running, constant inner radius, and smooth transfers that eliminate product-belt shifting, the ZTR Curve is one of our proudest achievements.

2016 has been a great year for us at UMD, and we are looking forward to an equally great 2017. We wish you all a happy holiday season and a happy, healthy new year!

In need of our services over the holiday break? Contact us here!

Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates from the UMD team!

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In Case You Missed UMD at the ITEC or IEC 2016, Here’s a Quick Recap!

It’s been 20 years since UMD opened our doors to customers from the tire manufacturing and automotive industries and we haven’t looked back. Working from a place of integrity and meticulous attention to detail, UMD has grabbed every opportunity to learn, grow and keep pace with the breakthroughs happening in the sector.

Why ITEC and IEC, 2016?

This year the International Tire Exhibition and Conference was held in Akron, Ohio over the 13th to 15th of September. The home of Goodyear and considered the tire capital of the nation, Akron was an obvious choice for the event. There were 101 presenters from all over the world who brought cutting edge solutions that impact every stage of tire manufacturing, right from mixing of the materials to packaging and handling of the finished items. For a video of what you missed at ITEC watch our YouTube video today!

After the ITEC we set our eyes on the International Elastomer Conference. The IEC was held in Pittsburgh, PA from Oct 11th to the 13th. The IEC brought together professionals in the rubber, polymer and related fields to share and learn about the newest technology within the industry.

UMD’s company philosophy of research and development requires our company to proactively upgrade the skills of our employees and adopt techniques and strategies that help in delivering customized designs, more efficient automated control systems and a better client experience.

As such both ITEC and IEC 2016 presented the perfect opportunity to not only learn from national and international peers but also lead with unique technology. For example a conveyor that contributes significantly to competent material handling for reduced waste and compliance with lean manufacturing ideals.

If You Want to Work with UMD Automated Systems:

UMD offers comprehensive and robust modular units that are tailored to suit your unique requirements. Everything from the inception to design to prototyping and integration of the automated systems with the products for improved efficiency within your business is taken care of by a dedicated and experienced team that lives and breathes innovation.

UMD also provides retro-fitting and after-market services to tire and rubber, automobile, steel, bulk handling and package transport industries.

To learn more about UMD Automated Systems, please call (740) 694-8614.

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UMD Automated Systems Celebrates National Manufacturing Day

The first Friday of every October, companies across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico celebrate National Manufacturing Day. This year, the event takes place on October 7th with over 2,340 events. National Manufacturing Day is a day for companies to open their doors to the public and school STEM programs in an effort to better educate visitors about what manufacturing is and what it isn’t. It’s a time for people to explore the workplace, get a better understanding of manufacturing overall, and see just how much manufacturing impacts our daily lives. Communities nationwide thrive when manufacturing is flourishing.

National Manufacturing Day is co-sponsored by Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International®, National Association of Manufacturers, Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), and the Manufacturing Institute. Their goal in creating National Manufacturing Day was to combat misperceptions surrounding the industry, address an impending skilled labor shortage, and establish a solid path for the future of manufacturing.

UMD Automated Systems supports National Manufacturing Day and is a state of the art material handling and conveyor systems production company for any application. We work with tire and rubber, tire and wheel, automotive, steel, appliance, bulk handling, and package transport.

UMD’s commitment to research and development results in customers getting a new approach to system design and manufacturing. The versatile modular design approach by UMD professionals means customers can achieve their design goals with low cost to their bottom line. When it comes to engineering, design, manufacturing and software/controls development, UMD offers in-house expertise with professionals who understand the job from concept to final product.

UMD’s involvement in manufacturing and the industries we serve translates into innovative answers to complex problems. UMD builds systems to meet the challenges of business while increasing efficiency and productivity, all while keeping the bottom line in mind.


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We’re on the Road Again! UMD Automated will be Exhibiting at IEC in October

Our travels continue as we head to Pittsburgh, PA for the International Elastomer Conference (IEC). Hosted by the Rubber Division, ACS (American Chemical Society), IEC provides a forum for professionals in the rubber, polymer, or related fields working in industry, academia, or the government to exchange ideas and emerging scientific technologies. The International Rubber Expo is the premier place for these professionals, the industry’s customers, and suppliers to come together and explore innovative technologies and products.

This year’s show is being held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on Oct. 11th-13th. UMD will be located in Booth 833 where we will be showcasing equipment developed to meet the challenges of the rubber industry. Our experts will be demonstrating our modular systems and assisting attendees with any manufacturing questions or problems.

The rubber industry is a very challenging one. Our work with the tire and rubber industry is extensive. At this expo we will be highlighting UMD’s mixing equipment for state-of-the-art manufacturing processes as well as our modular conveyor systems. We are excited to bring new systems such as our Cantilever or Fixed Bar Batch-Off, and our Precision Strip Stacker to the rubber industry professionals in attendance.

From the first step in the tire and rubber manufacturing process to the last, UMD Automated solutions deliver maximum performance. In networking with the attendees at IEC, we are looking forward to helping them improve their operations with versatile and reliable equipment from UMD.

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We’re Hitting the Road to Travel to ITEC International

The International Tire Exposition & Conference (ITEC) is the leading event exclusively dedicated to tire makers and those that support the industry. Hosted by Rubber & Plastics News, ITEC brings together world-class experts and exhibitors who deliver real-world experience and solutions. The 3-day event is being held in Akron, OH at the John S. Knight Center on Sept 13th-15th.

As a company with extensive history with the tire industry, we know the importance of this event. The show, held every 2 years, is an opportunity to showcase innovative technologies and to hear from industry professionals regarding the trends and future of tire manufacturing.

At UMD we create state of the art handling systems with a special emphasis on tire, rubber, and Tier 1 automotive applications. Attending an exposition such as ITEC gives us the opportunity to listen to the needs of the tire industry so that we understand the challenges, equipment needs, and performance objectives of each application. In this way we can build a system that improves productivity and efficiencies.

We are very excited to bring our new ZTR Curve and MDR motorized driven conveyors to the show this year. The ZTR Curve enables 90° and 180° powered curves in a wide variety of sizes. MDR conveyors utilize the latest in automated technology without the need for external drive motors. In addition we will be showcasing the types of systems we design and build for tire manufacturing including components for rubber mixing, batching, and extruding; modular conveying; and diverting, accumulating, and stacking/destacking.

UMD experts will be available in Booth 105 to demonstrate our innovative equipment and answer any questions. We hope you stop by and look forward to meeting with you.

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UMD Automated Systems Turns a Corner…Literally

As we’ve spoken about in previous blogs, automated conveying systems are an important part of efficiency and productivity in today’s manufacturing environments. To maintain the competitive edge, manufacturers need material handling systems that are superior in both function and form. We deliver those qualities with our ZTR Powered Curve conveyor system.

The ZTR Curve enables 90°, and 180° powered curves in a wide variety of sizes that will meet the needs of various applications and industries. The system maintains a constant inner radius no matter the belt width and can even have a small inner radius for wider belts. With smooth and reliable 90° and 180° transfers, products maintain location and duration with no relative movement between product and belt. Additionally, lug tooth sprocket engagement for positive drive keeps everything moving along smoothly.

Compared to other technology, the ZTR Curve greatly reduces annual cost of ownership. Solid, robust conveyor construction means low and easy maintenance. If the belt needs repair or replacement, this positive drive, low tension system makes maintenance a simple task.

Cutting edge technology enhances this system and eliminates belt tracking issues and the need for additional centering devices. Light, heavy, and extreme duty designs are available with support of loads up to 2,976 lb/ft possible.

As with other systems that require extra care, we use modular belting supplied from our partner Intralox® on the ZTR Curve. The flat-top modular ZERO TANGENT™ Radius belting provides for good contact and support surface for products with no catch points. With improved reliability you can count on less downtime and greater productivity.

Although we know the high-quality built into every one of our systems we also know that eventually repairs are necessary. With spare parts available for overnight shipping you will be back in business in no time.

We have develop the ZTR Curve in response to industry’s need for innovative systems that will enhance the manufacturing operation. Our open architecture approach allows for future expansions and unlimited use within a facility. With the ZTR Curve we have enhanced the material handling operation for all types of applications while considering space and usage accommodations. At UMD Automated Systems we’ll help you turn the corner on a new automated curved conveyor system!

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