Advantages of ZonAcc© Conveyor Systems

UMD’s ZonAcc© Conveyor Systems achieve effective delivery by utilizing sensor-controlled drive systems. These systems are used in accumulation, staging and gravity conveyor solutions. The modular design allows parts to be easily replaced as they require no additional set up and are manufactured in segments. The non-contact or zero-pressure accumulation helps eliminate scrap or rework issues caused with conveyors. With multiple options of the ZonAcc© to choose from, your conveyor system priorities will be met with ease.

ZonAcc© Zone Accumulation

The ZonAcc© Zone Accumulation is a heavy-duty machine that keeps products from touching while eliminating line pressure. Watch how the accumulation conveyor system works.

ZonAcc© Zero Pressure Accumulation

The ZonAcc© Zero Pressure Accumulation system eliminates lines pressure but allows the products to touch. Watch how the zero-pressure accumulation system works.

ZonAcc© Controlled Flow Gravity

The ZonAcc© Controlled Flow Gravity system adds a new element of control to a current gravity assisted decline conveyor products. This cost-efficient tool rids the need for drive motors to reach similar effects. This allows a lower installation rate. Watch how this controlled flow gravity system works.

Our ZoneAcc© Conveyor Systems is unique to UMD Automated Systems. These systems are stand alone products that do not require additional set-up time. The system can handle heavier products and do not put pressure on the products which makes it the gentlest yet robust system. Contact us to see if the ZonAcc© system is right for your conveyor needs.

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