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UMD Automated Systems Mixing and IMS

Here at UMD Automated Systems, our 20 years of experience has taught us a lot about solving business challenges beyond a specific application. This has led us to develop innovative design strategies for each customer and every project. But, what … Continue reading

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Move Forward to More Material Handling Success with our MDR Conveyors

Henry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” At UMD Automated Systems we agree with Mr. Ford, and we apply this belief to every mechanical system for material handling and manufacturing that … Continue reading

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Customized, State-of-the-Art Batch-Off Systems

At UMD, we proudly serve a variety of industries, offering tailor-made material handling solutions to many specific needs. From custom compounders to systems for pharmaceuticals, our solutions and capabilities are varied. However, one of our primary areas of focus is … Continue reading

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UMD’s Proven Production Process

At UMD, we’re known for offering solution-based services for all material handling needs, focusing on every aspect, from start to finish. This comes from a true focus on innovation and multi-industry knowledge, which allows us to perform all services for … Continue reading

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Tire Sortation Innovation with the DARB Sorter

In these highly competitive times, the efficiency and quality that sorting systems provide is welcomed by a number of industries. Within the tire and rubber industry, DARB sorters are one of the best ways to maximize efficiency and quality. With … Continue reading

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American Made: The Past that Brings us to the Future

In the 20th Century, the manufacturing industry in America was strong and thriving. Our manufacturing sector made everything that consumers needed: cars, food, clothes, toys, books, furniture, etc. It employed millions of people and helped bring about the rise of … Continue reading

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Combatting the Manufacturing Skills Gap – How Do We Reignite the Love of Working with Your Hands?

Back in the day, one of the best parts of getting a bicycle was the opportunity to customize it. It would break, you would repair it, and typically modify it while you were at it. After a while, that modification … Continue reading

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ZonAcc: Patented, Non-Pressure Conveying

Conveyor systems are one of the most effective ways to make manufacturing more efficient, and one of the first and most widely used means of factory automation. As automation becomes more widespread and important in manufacturing, conveyors will continue to … Continue reading

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Improving the American Manufacturing Landscape through Automation

Manufacturing is making a comeback in America, and that’s due in no small part to automation. But what are the benefits of automation, and why have so many businesses decided to make the switch? Read on for answers. Increasing Efficiency … Continue reading

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The Value of Healthy Employees – Fighting Healthcare Costs by Promoting Wellness

Here at UMD Automated we value our employees, and investing in their health and well-being has the added bonus of benefiting our bottom line. To promote employee wellness, we have a health coach that comes in once a month and … Continue reading

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