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How Green Tires are Manufactured

Producing tires the traditional way leads to high levels of pollution. The usage of unsustainable resources such as rubber and petroleum-based substances has a negative environmental impact. Additionally, with crude oil prices constantly changing, material costs are inconsistent and can … Continue reading

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How Automation is Helping E-Commerce Businesses

E-commerce has boomed and transformed thanks to automation. With collaborative robotics, customer support, and data analytics, distribution centers are progressing to fulfill skyrocketing demands.  With increased popularity in online shopping since the pandemic, demand for deliveries to be trackable in … Continue reading

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Warehouse Systems

UMD specializes in complete warehouse system design, creating solutions for whatever your specifications may be. Our proven modular design approach coupled with our standard conveyor components saves upfront engineering costs, reduces scrap and helps keep future upgrade costs low. With … Continue reading

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Benefits of Loading and Unloading Systems

Our loading (or unloading) systems help move trailers away from the dock faster, saving you time and money. The few minutes spent on prepping equipment for loading and unloading may seem insignificant, but you could be losing hours in your … Continue reading

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Vertical Conveyors

If you need to move tires or other products from one floor to another, or you’re trying to save space on the floor of your warehouse, a vertical lift may be a great fit for your business. What is a … Continue reading

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Retrofits and Aftermarket Services

A retrofit is a component or part added to something that did not have it when originally manufactured. A retrofit piece of equipment can make an outdated system feel and function like new. In manufacturing, retrofitting describes the measures taken … Continue reading

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Structural Steel

Our customers have unique needs. We take pride in being able to help with more than sorters and movers. We also offer complete structural systems including mezzanines, platforms, stairs, catwalks, and handrails. Structural steel is used in construction or building … Continue reading

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Automotive Industry: Tier One and OEMs

UMD Automated Systems has experience with material handling services tailored specifically for automotive OEM, Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers, transportation providers, and automotive assembly plants. While our expertise goes beyond one industry, we’ve broken down what each of these tiers consist … Continue reading

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What is a Green Tire?

A green tire is simply a tire that has all the parts put together but has not been cured or had the treads added to them yet. There is a surprisingly lengthy process to tire production. Before the tire can … Continue reading

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Tire and Wheel Systems

UMD modular tire & wheel systems ensure that newly manufactured tires and wheels move through the entire assembly process efficiently. While our systems are completely integrated, each piece can be replaced individually as well. Tire and Wheel systems by UMD … Continue reading

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