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Services Spotlight: Manufacturing

The goal of UMD manufacturing is to keep your products moving and your business on the move. We use a few unique methods to achieve this goal. UMD manufactures material handling and processing systems for many industries. We combine standard … Continue reading

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Services Spotlight: Engineering

UMD Automated Systems strives to create better processes related to mechanical systems for material handling and manufacturing. We took a broader view, learned everything we could about each customer, and focused on solving business challenges that extend far beyond a … Continue reading

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Advantages of ZonAcc© Conveyor Systems

UMD’s ZonAcc© Conveyor Systems achieve effective delivery by utilizing sensor-controlled drive systems. These systems are used in accumulation, staging and gravity conveyor solutions. The modular design allows parts to be easily replaced as they require no additional set up and … Continue reading

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Reduce Downtime, Increase Performance

The overall performance is constantly being measured by operations managers in the manufacturing industry. When systems are down, that means the company is losing profit and affecting their bottom line. Being able to quickly get systems back up and running … Continue reading

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Gain Efficiency With Batch Systems

Increasing consumer demands have brought the need for improved and more flexible production solutions in the tire and rubber industry. From handling a larger variety of products requiring easier and more frequent changes throughout production, companies are looking for ways … Continue reading

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Increasing Efficiency in Tire and Rubber Operations

The automotive and tire manufacturing industry is an intriguing space to be in. However, technology is constantly changing in the industry and with that, the efficiency of your operations can be hindered causing problems. UMD creates complete state-of-the-art material handling … Continue reading

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Mixing and Batching Solutions for the Tire and Rubber Industry

The tire manufacturing process involves a series of specialized operations with precise requirements for temperature and pressure control, component splicing, measurement, and testing. UMD Automated Systems can help you every step of the way with equipment that will meet or … Continue reading

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Better Technology Leading to Efficiency in the Tire Manufacturing Industry

Those working in the tire manufacturing industry are faced with many challenges and obstacles. They are up against rigid government regulations, ever-changing standards, and consumer need for a great product at a low price. To achieve these standards, tire manufacturers … Continue reading

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UMD Offers Non-Contact Sortation Conveyors with Intralox™ Technology

UMD creates innovative material handling solutions by listening very closely to our clients. We want to understand your process challenges, equipment needs, and performance objectives. Then we provide a product that will meet your goals – and exceed your expectations. … Continue reading

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Electrical and Control Solutions Tailored By UMD Automated Systems

You deserve a software solution that is more than “just adequate.” While many off-the-shelf software packages provide functionality that “gets the job done”, none are unique to your operation or your company. UMD sees it a bit differently. It is … Continue reading

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