Automotive Industry: Tier One and OEMs

UMD Automated Systems has experience with material handling services tailored specifically for automotive OEM, Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers, transportation providers, and automotive assembly plants. While our expertise goes beyond one industry, we’ve broken down what each of these tiers consist of and how we can help make their businesses run smoother.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) automotive components are the official parts produced directly by your vehicle’s maker. The OEMs are the big names you hear that actually create and design vehicles. Some OEM pieces are sold and endorsed by a specific brand but are created by another plant. OEMs focus on overall design and production, or the big picture, of engine and drive train, leaving other components and accessory development to tier one companies.

Our systems can be used for moving people/equipment, assembly, sorting and more. We offer training on the equipment and a modular design that allows a manufacturer to adjust their system as needed without having to pay for a new system or large repairs.

Tier One

The companies that supply parts to OEMs are Tier one. Many Tier one companies make parts or products for one or two specific OEMs and keep a close relationship with them. We can consider Tier one distributors the most important in the industry because of their direct relationships with OEMs. While OEMs are focused on the “big picture,” Tier one companies are responsible for functions carried out by OEMs.

Our complete systems keep automotive components moving efficiently with material handling services tailored specifically for automotive OEM, transportation providers, and automotive assembly plants. Our comprehensive range of services include: tire and wheel handling, processing, JIT shipping, delivery and receiving.

We can provide service to almost any type of industry. Let us get your business running smoother.

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