Better Technology Leading to Efficiency in the Tire Manufacturing Industry

Those working in the tire manufacturing industry are faced with many challenges and obstacles. They are up against rigid government regulations, ever-changing standards, and consumer need for a great product at a low price.

To achieve these standards, tire manufacturers must be efficient at every stage of the manufacturing process in order to be profitable. While also maintaining the quality and stipulations for each kind of tire produced.

In order to produce quality tires while also being efficient, tire manufacturers are in need of a highly detailed system. This system should be intact for each phase of the tire making process including design, production, and transportation of the tires from start to finish.

At UMD Automated Systems, our tire and rubber automated manufacturing systems provide support for each step of the tire manufacturing process. We provide solutions for mixing and batching, extruder conveyors, calendar lines for upstream and downstream segments, and final inspection. We design your system for high performance and cost-effective manufacturing. Our proven modular design approach coupled with our standard conveyor components saves upfront engineering costs, reduces scrap, and helps keep future upgrade costs low. With years of design engineering and manufacturing experience, UMD gives you the best overall value in the industry.

At UMD we consider overall company needs with every system that we design, no matter how specific the application. We know from experience that every solution built for today must include a plan for the future. We are experts in material handling systems and process development. In today’s competitive and ever-changing manufacturing environment, we have to be.

To learn more about our tire and rubber application systems, contact us online or give us a call and 740-694-8614 to speak with a systems engineer.

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