Building Resilience into Your Supply Chain

As recent widespread disruptions have shown, the global supply chain network can be a fragile thing. In the 2021 MHI Annual Industry Report, MHI President Bill Paxton outlined the importance of building resilience into supply chains. As Paxton notes, companies who had integrated digital technologies into their supply chain processes were far better equipped to weather the pandemic, and even thrive in face of the challenges of the previous year-plus.

The entire supply chain industry is scrambling to incorporate the digital technologies that bolster resilience and adaptability. Here are just a few of the major advantages offered by new technologies to help your supply chain survive unforeseen challenges in the future.

Combat Labor Shortages

One of the enduring problems brought about by the pandemic is the continuing labor shortage. Though conditions in the labor market will likely normalize in time, that reality does little to remedy ongoing slowdowns in your supply chain.

Though some jobs will always need a human touch, automating certain tasks can ease some of the pain caused by flagging job market. Automation provides a reliable solution no matter how unstable the employment picture becomes.

Make the Most of Your Current Property & Facilities

Another harsh reality of our modern era is the rapidly rising cost of real estate. With prices soaring to unprecedented levels, your business would be better served to make the most of its existing space before expanding to new facilities.

Automation reduces the space needed to maintain efficient supply chain processes vs human-led operations. Before Sinking millions into top-of-the-market real estate or a new warehouse, consider the return on investment that consolidating operations in your existing footprint could bring.


The adaptability of human employees in a warehouse setting once held a big advantage over automated systems. With cloud computing driving so much of today’s commerce, it’s easier than ever to predict market trends and the needs of consumers before they even happen. This means your supply chain must be faster and more efficient than ever to keep up. This is where the natural reliability of machine systems can provide a huge advantage. Machines are where you need them, when you need them.

UMD’s custom designed and manufactured equipment is built to your specific requirements and specifications, giving your supply chain the ever-important resilience needed to survive in the face of unpredictable modern challenges.

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