Customized, State-of-the-Art Batch-Off Systems

At UMD, we proudly serve a variety of industries, offering tailor-made material handling solutions to many specific needs. From custom compounders to systems for pharmaceuticals, our solutions and capabilities are varied.

However, one of our primary areas of focus is in industrial rubber and tire & rubber materials. For these industries, we provide batch-off systems that are unique, state-of-the-art, and completely specific to each customer’s needs.

Batch-off equipment is used to bring rubber from point A to point B, handling hot, sticky rubber and attaching a solution that cools and dries the rubber. This process readies it for the next stage of handling.

We offer two types of batch-off systems—fixed bar (or in-line) and cantilever—each offering its own advantages:

• Fixed bar systems, used primarily in tire plants, provide reliability and durability with heavy-duty, rugged construction and are used for high throughput slab production.
• Cantilever systems are primarily used in non-tire applications (technical rubber goods), offer versatility for multi-configurations, and flexibility for slab or strip production.

With either system, there are myriad advantages to using our batch-off equipment. They all offer multiple design details to improve ergonomics and increase safety while improving process and flow. Since the systems are completely automated processes are streamlined and fast. Maintenance, labor, and downtime are reduced significantly as well. When compared to other systems, ours offer faster module conception, reduced noise levels, improved fan cooling, and significantly greater safety standards.

Our batch-off systems are made with extreme precision (and unique technology, including our patented pick-off device), offering our customers the greatest competitive edge. But perhaps one of the greatest benefits is the fact that each one is completely customized.
We sit down with each and every client, take in all of their needs during a one-on-one consultation, and tailor build it to them and their company.

Finally, if you have existing equipment you’d like upgraded or modernized, we can do that—even if it’s not ours! By the time we’re through with it, your old equipment will have the UMD precision and quality you’re looking for.

We go to the absolute extreme in everything we do, and our automated, customized batch-off systems are no exception. It’s why countless customers, including worldwide leaders, rely on us.

To learn more, visit our website, and, of course, feel free to contact us anytime with questions.

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