Electrical and Control Solutions Tailored By UMD Automated Systems

You deserve a software solution that is more than “just adequate.” While many off-the-shelf software packages provide functionality that “gets the job done”, none are unique to your operation or your company. UMD sees it a bit differently. It is our responsibility to provide a software package that delivers excellent performance while allowing your input for the look and feel of the final product. We make this happen by creating custom software solutions, utilizing pre-packaged software and often combining the best of both.

UMD Automated Systems is revolutionizing the automation of manufacturing by offering full turnkey electrical and control solutions. We start with our engineers using the newest technology in AutoCAD electrical, they are able to design an in-depth electrical and control system for a new or existing machine. Once your design is completed, it is sent to our in-house panel shop where our team assembles to the exact specifications you need. After the panels leave the shop is when they are installed and programmed.

Your fully automated system will be controlled from the latest PLC or robotic technology and interfaces with the HMI touchscreen panel. We have experience with a variety of different brands of PLC’s to meet customer specifications. We pre-wire and test all our systems before they ship, which minimizes startup and installation time. From our touch screen panels, you’ll be able to monitor your system’s status or perform manual control functions. You can also select any part of the machine from the 3D graphic to monitor or make changes to that part of the machine. Systems settings are username and password protected for safety and security purposes.

Another unique feature to UMD is the input and output screens.this will allow your maintenance team to determine any issues with the system. This cuts down on troubleshooting time and eliminates the need for any external computer.

One of UMD’s main goals is to keep you and your team safe while operating the system. Several safety features are installed. When a safety feature is triggered, the system stops, alarm notifying a safety feature is triggered, on the touch screen panel the alarms screen will notify you where the alarm was triggered.

UMD’s electrical and control solutions are fully customizable to handle any process. They are available in a whole turnkey system or just in part. For more information, contact us today!

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