Engineering Office Expansion Update

New year, new space! UMD Automated System has exciting news about our new Engineering office. Our associates expect to move into the space sometime in January. At UMD, we consistently aim for innovation within the material handling and manufacturing industries. The expansion will help us to work even closer together by increasing communication for project management.

Our goal is to be able to bring our engineers to develop a stronger team atmosphere within the company. The extra space and the layout will allow us to leverage innovation and push the industry forward. With the open layout, modern design and natural lighting we hope to give a boost to the company’s creativity and the individuals morale towards the team. With these internal changes we believe in the end, this will have a large positive impact and show with our project management, innovations, and overall customer service.

The new addition will also sharpen our work and technology when it comes to research and development. At UMD, we are passionate about sharing industry advice with others in an effort to advance the field as a whole. We believe that together, we are strong and can help all industry leaders success to new heights. Make sure to check back with us once we officially reveal the new space!

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