Gain Efficiency With Batch Systems

Increasing consumer demands have brought the need for improved and more flexible production solutions in the tire and rubber industry. From handling a larger variety of products requiring easier and more frequent changes throughout production, companies are looking for ways to increase efficiency and flexibility in their operations. 

The use of a modern batch control system custom designed by UMD Automated Systems is helping companies achieve more flexible, productive and efficient operations. Batch systems sequence the same set of production equipment in different ways.

UMD designs complete Mixing and Batch-Off systems with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Our versatile, modular design method offers excellent durability and makes it easy to add a variety of components to both upstream mixer-feed and batch-off systems. UMD systems deliver maximum performance all the time and scalability whenever you need it.

UMD’s modular design approach is the perfect solution for both tire & rubber and non-tire applications. With high throughput reliability, these units are used for both master batch and final pass mixing. Many options are available to automatically achieve multi-arrangements of traditional stacking, cut-slabs, and multi-strip production.

UMD system options include Cantilever Batch-Off and Fixed Bar Batch-Off designs. Both provide easy installation, maximum efficiency and the ability to reconfigure, update, or relocate the final process lines.

Having a system that allows operators to easily and fully control these systems is key to achieving the flexibility required in daily operations. Get started with a batch system with UMD Automated Systems. Give us a call at 740-694-8614 or fill out an online form

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