Growing Truck Tire Industry Leads To Increases in Technology and Sustainability

With all aspects of the trucking industry technology constantly increasing, it comes with no surprise that the commercial tire industry is also growing. Previously, tire makers were looking to improve tire performance for tread mileage, durability, and traction in order to reduce tire costs per mile.

Along with tire performance being a high concern, tire makers have also put an emphasis on reducing rolling resistance to improve fuel economy. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has also become involved in reducing rolling resistance by introducing programs like SmartWay, which has led to more than $29 billion in saved fuel costs and introduced more efficient and sustainable supply chain transportation solutions.

According to Peggy Fisher, a writer for Tire Business, there are many changes ahead for the commercial tire industry.

“In order to optimize tire performance for commercial truck tire customers, tire manufacturers have been designing tires specifically for the operations in which they work. As in the past several years, we will continue to see tire manufacturers offer more sophisticated, application-specific tires with high-performance features such as greater fuel economy and longer tread wear. Sustainability (which means having minimal effect on the environment) has never been more emphasized than now. Many tire manufacturers are focused on making tires more sustainable with designs that improve fuel economy by reducing tire weight and rolling resistance. However, advancements are being made in raw materials and manufacturing processes that have enabled manufacturers to improve multiple attributes of a tire without sacrificing other attributes.”

At UMD Automated Systems, our main goals are sustainability and efficiency. Our contribution to the logistics industry is where the tire industry begins. We know from experience that every solution built for today must include a plan for the future. We are experts in material handling systems and process development. In today’s competitive and ever-changing manufacturing environment, we have to be.  

Now more than ever, truck tire manufacturers need to be efficient and think about their bottom line. There are many variables that can make or break the cost of an operation. UMD offers tailored solutions for every tire operation. We have different technologies that can be implemented into your system to make sure you’re being efficient and producing quality tires for the end user. The tire manufacturing process involves a series of specialized operations with precise requirements for temperature and pressure control, component splicing, measurement and testing. UMD can help you every step of the way with equipment that will meet or exceed quality standards while improving productivity throughout your operation.

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