How Automation is Helping E-Commerce Businesses

Online Shopping with Robot holding phone

E-commerce has boomed and transformed thanks to automation. With collaborative robotics, customer support, and data analytics, distribution centers are progressing to fulfill skyrocketing demands. 

With increased popularity in online shopping since the pandemic, demand for deliveries to be trackable in actual time is important for the business and for customers. From the minute an order has been placed to when it reaches somebody’s front door is paramount. With enormous e-commerce titans like Amazon and Walmart+ providing 2-day and same-day delivery for online orders, large retailers need to supply in-stock in multiple locations.

Automation with Help From Robotics

This fast change in online shopping has caused a boom in implementing automation systems within e-commerce businesses. Automation and robotics have helped services stay on-trend with expanding needs while being affordable. These advancements in innovation assist with order picking, tracking, customer assistance, data analytics, and more. Automated ordering systems are becoming more budget-friendly and readily available. Additionally, they are offered in numerous flexible setups so they can fit in a business’s distribution center accordingly.


Micro-fulfillment includes making use of automated order-picking systems that are ideal for large warehouses. They can fulfill consumer orders for home delivery or store pickup faster and with less labor than a manual approach.

In Summary

Companies selling products of all kinds are embracing the e-commerce boom by incorporating innovative automation. With robotics, customer assistance, and data analytics, e-commerce businesses have incorporated automation to make their business more competitive and cost-effective. If you are an e-commerce business and have a need to automate your material handling, let UMD’s Engineering Group design an expert solution for your process.

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