In Case You Missed UMD at the ITEC or IEC 2016, Here’s a Quick Recap!

It’s been 20 years since UMD opened our doors to customers from the tire manufacturing and automotive industries and we haven’t looked back. Working from a place of integrity and meticulous attention to detail, UMD has grabbed every opportunity to learn, grow and keep pace with the breakthroughs happening in the sector.

Why ITEC and IEC, 2016?

This year the International Tire Exhibition and Conference was held in Akron, Ohio over the 13th to 15th of September. The home of Goodyear and considered the tire capital of the nation, Akron was an obvious choice for the event. There were 101 presenters from all over the world who brought cutting edge solutions that impact every stage of tire manufacturing, right from mixing of the materials to packaging and handling of the finished items. For a video of what you missed at ITEC watch our YouTube video today!

After the ITEC we set our eyes on the International Elastomer Conference. The IEC was held in Pittsburgh, PA from Oct 11th to the 13th. The IEC brought together professionals in the rubber, polymer and related fields to share and learn about the newest technology within the industry.

UMD’s company philosophy of research and development requires our company to proactively upgrade the skills of our employees and adopt techniques and strategies that help in delivering customized designs, more efficient automated control systems and a better client experience.

As such both ITEC and IEC 2016 presented the perfect opportunity to not only learn from national and international peers but also lead with unique technology. For example a conveyor that contributes significantly to competent material handling for reduced waste and compliance with lean manufacturing ideals.

If You Want to Work with UMD Automated Systems:

UMD offers comprehensive and robust modular units that are tailored to suit your unique requirements. Everything from the inception to design to prototyping and integration of the automated systems with the products for improved efficiency within your business is taken care of by a dedicated and experienced team that lives and breathes innovation.

UMD also provides retro-fitting and after-market services to tire and rubber, automobile, steel, bulk handling and package transport industries.

To learn more about UMD Automated Systems, please call (740) 694-8614.

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