Industries Served: Tire and Rubber, Tier 1 Automotive

UMD Automated Systems serves many different types of industries. We offer solutions that make life easier for a wide variety of companies. One of our most served and an industry that we put special emphasis on is the Tire and Rubber and Tier 1 Automotive industries. While every customer offers unique products or services, the need to improve efficiency, maintain quality standards, and plan for change is common to all.

At UMD we consider these overall company needs with every system that we design, no matter how specific the application. We know from experience that every solution built for today must include a plan for the future. We are experts in material handling systems and process development.

Tire and Rubber

The tire manufacturing process involves a series of specialized operations with precise requirements for temperature and pressure control, component splicing, measurement and testing. UMD can help you with equipment that will meet or exceed quality standards while improving productivity throughout your operation.

We have solutions for mixing, extruding, calendars, green tire, cured tire, and inspection & warehouse systems.

Tier 1 Automotive

UMD keeps automotive components moving efficiently with material handling services tailored specifically for automotive OEM, transportation providers, and automotive assembly plants. Our comprehensive range of services include tire and wheel handling, processing, JIT shipping, delivery and receiving.

Let UMD create a solution that helps your tire and rubber or automotive plant run smoothly and efficiently.

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