Mixing and Batching Solutions for the Tire and Rubber Industry

The tire manufacturing process involves a series of specialized operations with precise requirements for temperature and pressure control, component splicing, measurement, and testing. UMD Automated Systems can help you every step of the way with equipment that will meet or exceed quality standards while improving productivity throughout your tire and rubber operation.

Mixing and Batching Systems

UMD designs complete Mixing and Batch-Off systems using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Our adaptable, modular design promotes durability and makes it easy to add different components to both upstream mixer-feed and batch-off systems. Our systems deliver maximum performance and are easily scalable. Our engineers use a modular design approach and it’s the best solution for both tire and rubber applications. With high reliability, these units are used for both master batch and final pass mixing. Many options are available to automatically achieve multi-arrangements of traditional stacking, cut-slabs, and multi-strip production.

Mixer Feed Systems

UMD Mixer Feed Systems are designed as a part of mixing and batching solutions. This equipment includes Mixer Weigh and Charge Systems, Pigment Weigh and Feed Systems, Rubber Bale Handling, and Slab Feeder Cutters.

Take-Away Conveyors

Our modular conveyor solutions include Fixed Take-Away, Hinged Take-Away, and Telescoping Take-Away. All are well-suited for mill, sheeter or extrusion processes. Each is available with optional components such as Batch Marking Systems, Fully Adjustable Slitting Systems, Manual and Automatic Stock Splicers or Hot Sampling with Collection.

Dip Tanks

UMD takes a process-driven approach to Dip Tank equipment, designing systems tailored for the space available in your plant. We understand that every facility has unique area constraints that influence the size and location of the system. Our complete closed loop system simplifies maintenance requirements and options including self-threading dip tanks and removable access doors provide added efficiency.


Our batch-off systems offer capabilities such as process driven I/O screens, batch tracking systems, bin numbering and ID systems for quality control tracking and barcode scanner interfacing.


UMD Pick-Off solutions are capable of handling large or small slabs. These systems use modular, adjustable grippers to pick slabs off of all types of bars. They are available as an un-threading style, and with integrated controls for detecting stock breaks.


UMD builds a wide variety of Pull-Out Conveyors to deliver your slabs wherever you need them to go. Our modular approach to conveyor design along with optional enhancements ensures maximum utility for your operation. Pull-Out options include Auto-stock samplers with reject chute and collection conveyor, metal detectors, multi-floor diverting capabilities, and auto-stock cutters.

Wig-Wags & Stacking

UMD’s Wig-Wags provide for non-precision, semi-precision and precision stacking systems. Based on the tolerance ranges for your stack, our engineers will help you select the most appropriate stacking solution for your application.

  • Non-precision, semi-precision and precision stacking equipment available
  • Auto-cut stacking
  • Automatic skid magazines
  • Skid shifters for multiple skid handling
  • Pallet weighing with batch ticket
  • Designs offering packaging flexibility

Pallet Dispensers

Our pallet dispensing designs give you packaging flexibility. We can provide automatic skid magazines, skid shifters for multiple bale handling, and pallet weighing with batch tickets.

Rubber Reprocessing

At UMD, our equipment reduces scrap material by bringing extruded material to spec more quickly. Imperfect material is cut and re-mixed to minimize waste and avoid disposal costs. Our rubber reprocessing improves manufacturing efficiency and is environmentally friendly.

To learn more about the tire and rubber mixing and batching systems we provide, contact us today!


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