Package Transportation from Start to Finish

Today, people depend on shipping companies to deliver everyday goods directly to their homes. From online shopping to commercial shipping, these companies provide invaluable logistics services that help keep the economy moving.

Thanks to the efforts of online retailers and their shipping partners, getting consumer goods where they are needed is faster and easier than ever before. But have you ever wondered the steps it takes for a package to arrive at your doorstep from its source?

Once an order is placed, the warehouse where your goods are stored is notified. A worker (or in some cases, a robotic picker) will use a bin number to track down the selected item from the bin where it is stored. A barcode on the bin will be scanned and the item added to the appropriate order.

After ensuring that the selected item is accurate for the given order, the items in your order are routed to a packing station. Again, this process might be executed by associates in the warehouse or be fully automated.

Once packed, shipping is negotiated with the supplier’s shipping company of choice, and postage is applied. The package is now ready to be placed in another bin for outgoing orders or palletized and loaded onto a truck, depending on the size of the items.

Finally, the carrier picks up the order, processes the package through its own system of warehouses, and sends the order out on a truck destined for your door. The package will undergo scans throughout each step of this process to enable tracking.

Obviously, this is a simplified breakdown of the steps necessary to get a package from point A to B. Many operations will rely heavily on automation, taking the human element out of almost every step. No matter what means are used to convey a shipment, materials handling systems are a vital component of any shipping operation.

UMD Package Transport Systems ensure that boxes and totes move through the distribution process efficiently and accurately with every package in the right place at the right time. Our completely integrated systems maintain a consistent flow of product without delays, back-ups, or damage.

UMD is on the leading edge of self-contained, electronically controlled trailer conveyor systems designed for just-in-time delivery of boxes, totes, and palletized products. Our trailer systems are designed to match plant receiving systems without the use of manual handling. UMD also reconditions or retrofits existing transportation fleets to satisfy unique or changing shipping needs.

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