Reduce Downtime, Increase Performance

The overall performance is constantly being measured by operations managers in the manufacturing industry. When systems are down, that means the company is losing profit and affecting their bottom line. Being able to quickly get systems back up and running is an important aspect to pay attention to. With state-of-the-art software and controls solutions from UMD, we keep your products moving and your business on the move.

UMD Automated Systems software and control solutions keep your system operating with the efficiency, accuracy, and speed that your application demands. Our in-house electrical engineering team provides complete design, development, and integration of automated control systems with all of our products. And to ensure that every system functions precisely as envisioned, we work closely with every customer to develop the operational specifications and devices required for system control. Each system is then built and tested in our electrical shop and can be commissioned on-site by our trained staff.

Designing A System 

Understanding overall equipment effectiveness helps improve productivity goals by organizing the data relevant to facility performance. The value of performance data provides insight into operations. Successful projects result from a clearly defined plan and proper design. UMD maintains an established but evolving planning process to assure that our design meets and exceeds your requirements. Every project begins with the creation of a Control Functional Specification (CFS), the guiding document that defines the project and becomes the basis for design, programming, and development of the control system. The design process includes project review, equipment submittals and system one-line diagrams for your consideration and approval. 

Custom Software Solutions

Part of the challenge is the number of software applications that promise to help improve some aspect of production. By not starting with the bigger picture of how a facility is performing, actual improvements might not have the impact that’s expected. You deserve a software solution that is more than “just adequate.” While many off-the-shelf software packages provide functionality that “gets the job done”, none are unique to your operation or your company. UMD sees it a bit differently. It is our responsibility to provide a software package that delivers excellent performance while allowing your input for the look and feel of the final product. We make this happen by creating custom software solutions, utilizing pre-packaged software and often combining the best of both.

Performance data helps users accomplish more in less time by providing the overall equipment effectiveness information users need to determine whether their plant is as productive as it could be. When customers call with downtime challenges, our Remote Support Services team provides real-time troubleshooting and monitoring of automation systems and equipment and by off-site automation specialists. UMD Field Services provides fast, reliable on-site engineering support designed to get your business up and running quickly and efficiently. Contact us to learn more. 


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