Structural Steel

Our customers have unique needs. We take pride in being able to help with more than sorters and movers. We also offer complete structural systems including mezzanines, platforms, stairs, catwalks, and handrails.

Structural steel is used in construction or building projects. Constructed with fabricated steel components, our structural steel fixtures are built to last through rigorous usage. We offer different pieces and systems as a whole or for a remote project.

There are different configurations that structural steel comes in, but it is usually made of the same things on the inside. The main components are iron and carbon. Sometimes other components can be added to increase the strength of the beams. Structural steel is a regulated category of steel that must meet industry standards for composition.

Our products can make the construction process easier and more efficient. UMD builds systems designed around the unique requirements of our customers. Because of our customized approach, we can achieve an exact fit between the application and objective every time.

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