The Different Types of Sorters and how they can Impact your Operations

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Productivity, capacity and industry trends have increased the need for high performance equipment, demanding high speeds and constant operation. Sorters are the way for your operation to achieve these different levels of success. Sorters are a way to quickly move products around at the highest and utmost efficiency without taking away your man power from other areas they need to be attending to.

UMD provides a number of sorting systems designed to maximize efficiency, handle larger capacities at a faster pace, and are completely modifiable for changing needs. Our production engineers work closely with both our customers and suppliers to forecast changes in demand within the manufacturing, distribution and storage industries. We then incorporate these factors in our systems design to reflect the trends and changes in the marketplace.

Standard Sorters

Standard Sorters offer a contact sorting solution with a higher rate of product diverting per minute than no-touch equipment. UMD sorters employ VibraDamp™ technology for rapid sorting with much less vibration than traditional sorting equipment. Our standard sorters are bi-directional and capable of 90° transfer without spurs.

UMD offers an extensive line of pre-engineered standard conveyors that can combined to create an effective modular sorting system with medium to heavy duty material handling capacity. Our standardized conveyor and sortation components are designed with customization in mind to meet your specific system requirements quickly and efficiently. UMD’s modular systems are highly flexible and will readily adapt to future changes in system requirements.

7000 Sorters

The 7000 Sorter offers non-contact sorting and requires a spur for discharge. It is capable of bi-directional sorting, diverting both left and right with a single belt.

DARB Sorters

DARB Sorters utilize non-contact diverter technology to avoid the potential alteration in green tire uniformity that can occur with standard sortation equipment. With DARB Sorters, the outside tread or inside bead make no contact with the conveyance equipment. DARB cross-belt intersection technology can move product straight through an intersection or make precise, single direction 90° transfers in a single plane of operation without the need for spurs.

For more information about how our different types of Sorters can benefit your operation, give us a call today 740-694-8614.

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