The Modular Approach to Custom Mixing & Batching Equipment

Do you have the money to automate every aspect of your mixing & batching process? How about the floor space? If you said “no,” that places you in the majority. Times are tough, and most companies aren’t looking to buy large pieces of equipment. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options other than buying a machine that’s too big, too expensive, and does too much.

That didn’t really seem like a viable option to us. So we did extensive research and developed modular technology. This technology breaks up the mixing & batching process into modular components. These components can be added on to an existing machine, almost like a giant Lego set. This allows you to buy a plain system, and add on to it as your business grows. And because these components add on to existing systems, most of the time they don’t increase the overall system footprint.

We can add on modular components to systems we’ve manufactured, as well as retrofit them on to systems we haven’t. Our research has helped us optimize installation, retrofitting and throughput on all of these components. They allow you to increase capacity, add new capabilities and optimize your process at your own pace without investing in real estate.

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