Tire and Wheel Systems

UMD modular tire & wheel systems ensure that newly manufactured tires and wheels move through the entire assembly process efficiently. While our systems are completely integrated, each piece can be replaced individually as well.

Tire and Wheel systems by UMD can consist of as many units as you see fit. We can include tire stackers/de-stackers, tire weight presses, tire rotators, conveyors and more. Each piece can be custom made to fit your businesses needs.

Tire rotators are a huge part of a tire and wheel system. UMD builds their tire rotators with durability for continuous use and provide valve stem orientation, tire weight orientation, and the ability to be bar code ready with line scanners. Tire rotators can be added separately or integrated with our modular tire & wheel systems.

Our tire weight presses provide offline dynamic balancing to assure that new tires are properly balanced before being mounted on vehicles. These can be used in the tire and wheel system or added separately as well.

Our stackers and de-stackers are part of a fully automated system and designed to provide efficient storage of processed tires maximizing square footage on the plant floor. UMD stackers also assure maximum use of space when loading trailers. And our intelligent automated system tracks the serial number of each tire.

If you’re looking for a wheel and tire system or upgrades to your current system, let UMD Automated Systems help you out.

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