Tire Sortation Innovation with the DARB Sorter

In these highly competitive times, the efficiency and quality that sorting systems provide is welcomed by a number of industries. Within the tire and rubber industry, DARB sorters are one of the best ways to maximize efficiency and quality.

With standard sorting equipment tire uniformity is sometimes affected. However with DARB sorters that utilize non-contact diverter technology, this eliminates this possibility. The sorter diverts on the surface of the belt with engaged rollers, so the products being diverted are actually moved on rollers that are part of the belt, resulting in absolutely no sliding. Being completely contact-free, it can be used as a crossroads intersection—the tire can convey in one side and out the other, without ever moving forward on the belt—making this ideal for four-way intersections.darbsorter

With the DARB sorter, conveyed product can merge onto it and pass through it, which allows us to send to multiple locations at one decision point, using one unit. In standard sorting equipment tires flow either left or right by means of a contact style diverter to divert the tire in the intended direction. With the DARB sorter, you can go in multiple directions, without the contact of a diversion piece.

This technology is completely unique, and is highly valued for the sortation of both green and cured tires. Unlike any other products of its nature, the DARB sorter has been proven to effectively handle and transfer products that could not be transferred before by any means—i.e. rubber strips or products subject to deformation by other means of diverting.

With its unique, non-contact design and cross-belt intersection technology, the DARB sorter has changed and enhanced the way tire sortation is done.

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