Tire Sorter and Conveyor System Solutions

UMD creates innovative material handling solutions by listening very closely to our clients. We want to understand your process challenges, equipment needs, and performance objectives. Then we provide a product that will meet your goals – and exceed your expectations. We strive to provide systems that improve productivity, increase efficiencies, are constructed of durable materials, and have low maintenance requirements. The larger goal: reducing your total cost of ownership, and extending the overall life cycle of your system. UMD builds systems designed around the specific product, or unique requirements of our customers. Because of our customized approach, we are able to achieve an exact fit between the application and objective each and every time. Learn more about our tire sorter and conveyor solutions below.

7000 Sorters

The 7000 Sorter offers non-contact sorting and requires a spur for discharge. It is capable of bi-directional sorting, diverting both left and right with a single belt.

DARB Sorters – Cured Tire

DARB Sorters are non-contact sorters utilizing no-touch diverter technology to avoid the potential alteration in tire uniformity that can occur with standard sortation equipment.

DARB Sorters – Green Tire

DARB Sorters utilize non-contact diverter technology to avoid the potential alteration in green tire uniformity that can occur with standard sortation equipment.

Vertical Conveyors

UMD Vertical Lifts provide a safe, effective way method for elevating tires without using excessive floor space.

Weigh Scale Conveyors

The use of precision scales to control tread weight helps ensure a quality product, providing an additional checkpoint prior to booking.

For complete solution requirements and new enterprise, UMD Automated Systems can be combined to provide complete materials handling solutions, designed around specific products, or a variety of materials handling. For more information about which tire sorter or conveyor is best for you operation, contact us today!

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