Types of Industrial Conveyor Systems

Conveyors play a large role in streamlining multiple processes in manufacturing, warehousing, packaging, and distribution sectors, among others. Tasks such as product conveying, and positioning, which were once difficult and time-consuming, have now been made easy with the help of automated conveyor systems.

There are many makes and models of conveyors available that contribute to the automation several challenging and time-consuming material handling tasks. This blog is meant to familiarize you with some of the popular types of conveyors widely installed in industrial applications.

Popular Types of Industrial Conveyors

As a customer, you may often get confused to make an informed purchasing decision from the many conveyor options available.

Plastic Belt Conveyors

When your applications call for conveying items in bulk, then plastic belt conveyors are a smart decision to implement. Both packaged and loose products can be transported to preferred locations by using belt conveyors. The conveyor system guarantees safe and effective conveyance of delicate products.

Sanitary Conveyors

These conveyors are ideal for applications demanding extreme hygiene. They are produced utilizing stainless steel components that can withstand regular wipe downs and high-pressure washdowns. The components of the conveyors will not wear easily despite frequent wash downs using industrial cleaning agents.

Stainless Steel Conveyors

These conveyors are the perfect choice for applications in extreme environments. For example, conveyors used in the oil and gas industry are regularly exposed to dust, moisture, oil, and other contaminants. Prolonged exposure to these contaminants leads to corrosion. For applications in such environments, prefer choosing stainless steel conveyors as they can withstand the hostile conditions exist in the application areas.

USDA Conveyors

Consider choosing these conveyors for applications in the food processing, pharmaceutical, and dairy industries. Manufactured from polished stainless steel, the conveyor unit features USDA approved belting, high end wash down components and lightweight conveyor belt.

Elevation Conveyors

These are ideal for applications demanding high-speed elevation of products in bulk quantities. These types of conveyors feature excellent load bearing capacity, relatively high operating speed, and modular design.

When choosing the conveyor system that is right for your operation, UMD is here to help every step of the way and advise on certain systems. We have knowledge in different industries and conveyor systems.


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