UMD Offers Latest Industry Technology Updates Through YouTube Videos

Here at UMD Automated Systems, we create material handling solutions for manufacturers in a wide range of industries, such as Tire and Rubber, Tier 1 Automotive, packaging and tote handling, appliance, bulk handling, and structural. When you choose us for all your material handling solutions, you’ll get increased efficiency, a dedication to quality standards, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing market.

We like staying up to date on all the changes going on, and we know you do too. To learn more about the latest technology and to keep informed, we invite you to check out our YouTube channel. It offers the latest videos and updates for industries including material handling, manufacturing (conveyor systems), tire, rubber, auto, steel, appliance, bulk handling, trailers, package transport, and more.

Some of our recent YouTube videos include the MDR Belt Over Conveyor, UMD Electrical and Control Solutions, UMD Miners Weigh Systems, and 2016 UMD Batch Off Systems. These credible videos give the viewer a better glimpse at the technology as it’s being used and what the machines are capable of doing. Being able to see solutions and new technology means you get a first glimpse into what’s working and what’s new on the market keeping you ahead of the competition.

At UMD Automated Systems, we believe in continual research and development to make sure we’re staying competitive and innovative with system design and manufacturing. We offer in-house expertise, from engineering to design to manufacturing and to software and controls development. We invite you to stay in touch with us by subscribing to our YouTube channel, following our blog, connecting with us on LinkedIn, liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter. We look forward to helping you find the perfect material handling solution for your company.

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