UMD’s Production Process


In order to best serve our customers, it is important to know how we do things here at UMD Automated Systems. The Production Process plays is a crucial piece of the puzzle in regards to accomplishing our goals and completing projects. This process covers every aspect of product development from concept design through operation. Without fail, we apply this process to every project we engage. Our project engineers guide the project team through each phase of production to ensure that our company’s high standards are maintained from start to finish.

Concept Phase

Our design engineers work directly with our customers to define their exact goals and expectations for the project. This is where we define the details from initial concept through finished product. We take everything our customers have to say into consideration while paying close attention to their application needs, the operating environment and the usage of the equipment. We want to make this a true joint collaboration, driven by our belief that detailed planning leads to effective design engineering and precise, efficient manufacturing.

Design Phase

UMD engineers develop a product design based on the initial discussions during the concept phase. As the design work evolves, we often develop new innovations and architecture which improve the original concepts. Where appropriate these are added to the design and final specifications are committed to an engineering blueprint.

Production Phase

This includes construction and modification of the parts needed to assemble the final product. UMD fabricates each component based on the exact specifications provided in the engineering design print. From there, it is time to assemble the parts into a working model of the product and add finishing applications.

Setup and Testing Phase

Once production is completed, the assembled, working model is rigorously tested using actual customer products. We will then perform a complete diagnostic and process test on all working parts of the product, paying special attention to the structural components and overall assembly of the product.

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