Warehouse Systems

UMD specializes in complete warehouse system design, creating solutions for whatever your specifications may be. Our proven modular design approach coupled with our standard conveyor components saves upfront engineering costs, reduces scrap and helps keep future upgrade costs low. With years of design engineering and manufacturing experience, UMD gives you the best overall value in the industry:

  • Lower overall investment
  • Best system design and highest quality components
  • Less time to implementation
  • Less and easier maintenance
  • Longer service life

Warehouse Solutions

Handling: This refers to all the motion that goes into a distribution center or warehouse. When a package is being moved into, out of, or throughout the DC, it falls under handling. It can also include labor to re-warehouse, repackage or refurbish damaged products.

Storage: This is usually for any product that isn’t moving and is being kept in a warehouse or distribution center. The costs are usually not as flexible because it’s based on the occupancy of the space whereas handling costs can be adjusted with better systems.

While each warehouse and distribution center function differently, we offer solutions for any business that could benefit from an updated warehousing or distribution center system.

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