What is a People Mover?

When you hear “people mover” maybe you’re thinking of an airport or theme park but not a factory. Automated People Movers have been used all over to get people where they need to be in a timely, orderly fashion. UMD Automated Systems has taken People Mover Equipment to the next level for your industrial services.

There are a few things that People Movers could be useful for. First, it can make up for the time lost when an employee is trying to keep up with a car on the line. If the need to eliminate walking alongside a car on the assembly lie, you are also allowing your employees to be more productive.

Moving platforms are sequenced with the assembly, moving people at the same rate of speed as the conveyors which allows the products to be completed with accuracy and efficiency. Ergonomically friendly and safe, our People Movers can also be used with overhead conveyor systems.

UMD Automated Systems has what you need to make your business perform at maximum efficiency. Contact us with your questions or to see a demonstration of our automation systems.

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