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Intralox™ Conveyor Systems

The material handling systems that UMD designs have many different specifications depending on how the product must be handled. In some cases, where extra care must be taken, UMD chooses Intralox™ brand belts. The Intralox™ belts are specifically designed to obtain results such as improving transfer speeds, merging, and accumulation of materials. These quality belts ensure the highest quality, most durable and versatile material handling solutions available.

Because of our work with Intralox™ over the years, we’ve developed a close working relationship with their organization. UMD has co-engineered several belt solutions along with Intralox™, which are now utilized in many of our applications. Our relationship with Intralox allows us to custom-design and produce innovative, effective material handling solutions, which exceed the capabilities of anything else available today.


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