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Mill Room Equipment / Mixing & Batching Systems

     UMD designs complete Mixing and Batch-Off systems with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Our versatile, modular design method offers excellent durability and makes it easy to add a variety of components to both upstream mixer-feed and batch-off systems. UMD systems deliver maximum performance all the time and scalability whenever you need it.

UMD’s modular design approach is the perfect solution for both tire & rubber and non-tire applications. With high throughput reliability, these units are used for both master batch and final pass mixing. Many options are available to automatically achieve multi-arrangements of traditional stacking, cut-slabs and multi-strip production.

UMD system options include Cantilever Batch-Off and Fixed Bar Batch-Off designs. Both provide easy installation, maximum efficiency and the ability to reconfigure, update, or relocate the final process lines.


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