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Slitters & Cutters

Slitter Equipment

UMD slitters provide durability and precision, assuring consistent performance in your downstream extrusion process or batch-off system. UMD stock slitters are designed to cut rubber slabs into strips of uniform width. Available for hot processes and engineered for continuous operation, UMD slitters provide cleanly cut strips every time.

Cutter Equipment

UMD manufactures several types of cutters using different methodologies such as Pneumatic Cutting, Hydraulic Cutting and Electric Cutting. Using these methods, we offer Cross Cut, Rotary Cut, Guillotine Cut and Shear Cut systems. Tailoring our solution to your needs gives you a rugged, dependable system to meet the demands in your environment.

Cross Cutters

Available with Single or Dual Blade and Pneumatic Push/Pull for cutting slab stock, this machine provides an economical, straight cut.

Rotary Cutters

Rotary Cutters are available with Single of Double blades for making cuts on the conveyor belt. The cut can be straight or bias. As an option for making narrow strip cuts, UMD Rotary Cutters can use one, two, or 4 blade bias cutter that cut on an anvil.

Shear Cutters

UMD Shear Cutters employ a scissor-type cutting action for difficult stock cutting.

Guillotine Cutters

UMD Guillotine Cutters utilize hydraulic or pneumatic straight cuts for heavy duty large items such as natural bale or synthetic bale materials.


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