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Products and Solutions

UMD creates innovative material handling solutions by listening very closely to our clients. We want to understand your process challenges, equipment needs, and performance objectives. Then we provide a product that will meet your goals – and exceed your expectations. We strive to provide systems that improve productivity, increase efficiencies, are constructed of durable materials, and have low maintenance requirements. The larger goal: reducing your total cost of ownership, and extending the overall life cycle of your system. UMD builds systems designed around the specific product, or unique requirements of our customers. Because of our customized approach, we are able to achieve an exact fit between the application and objective each and every time.

Here are a few of our solutions:

7000 Sorters

The 7000 Sorter offers non-contact sorting and requires a spur for discharge. It is capable of bi-directional sorting, diverting both left and right with a single belt.

Bale / Slab Systems

UMD automated conveyor and handling systems help get bales and slabs of synthetic rubber ready for mixing.

Bulk Handling

UMD also designs structural systems specifically for Bulk Handling. A heavy-duty bulk material handling system built by UMD is engineered to withstand the rugged use and wear that the bulk handling industry demands.

Calender Downstream Equipment

UMD will design, manufacture and install complete calendar lines for the tire and non-tire industries using new and rebuilt components as available.

Conveyor Systems

For complete solution requirements and new enterprise, UMD systems can be combined to provide complete materials handling solutions, designed around specific products, or a variety of materials handling.

Cooling Lines

UMD Cooling Lines are custom designed utilizing modular construction to meet the delta temp specifications you require.

DARB Sorters - Cured Tire

DARB Sorters are non-contact sorters utilizing no-touch diverter technology to avoid the potential alteration in tire uniformity that can occur with standard sortation equipment.

DARB Sorters - Green Tire

DARB Sorters utilize non-contact diverter technology to avoid the potential alteration in green tire uniformity that can occur with standard sortation equipment.

The material handling systems that UMD designs have many different specifications depending on how the product must be handled. In some cases, where extra care must be taken, UMD chooses Intralox™ brand belts.

Loading & Unloading Systems

UMD loading/unloading systems help move trailers away from the dock faster than ever saving time and money. Our loading/unloading systems can build trailer loads to shipping manifests or bulk load.

Mill Room Equipment

UMD designs complete Mixing and Batch-Off systems with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Our versatile, modular design method offers excellent durability and makes it easy to add a variety of components to both upstream mixer-feed and batch-off systems.

People Movers

UMD People Movers keep workers and the car on assembly line in sync eliminating the need to walk with the car. Moving platforms are sequenced with the assembly, moving people at the same rate of speed as the conveyors.

Power Roll Accumulation

UMD produces a variety of Accumulation Systems that solve many of the challenges present in materials handling operations today. Our equipment can improve productivity, efficiency and throughput helping companies save money and generate a strong return on investment.


UMD samplers automate the rubber sampling process saving both time and money.


UMD extrusion skivers offer modular design and well-engineered technology assuring strength, durability and high performance. Our skivers maintain accurate length through positive, consistent conveying.

Slab Feeders

UMD slab feeders utilize friction-driven hugger belt systems for smooth product conveyance. Our equipment features variable tension control gates for monitoring material feeds and finger roll guiding systems to eliminate material damage.

Slitters & Cutters

UMD slitters & cutters provide durability and precision, assuring consistent performance in your downstream extrusion process or batch-off system.

Software / Controls

UMD software and control solutions keep your system operating with the efficiency, accuracy and speed that your application demands.

Sorter Systems

UMD sorting systems are designed to maximize efficiency, handle larger capacities at a faster pace, and be completely modifiable for changing needs.

Spare Parts

UMD keeps spare parts on hand to make sure that your systems don't go down in a time of need. We also offer onsite repair and technical assistance.

Structural Steel

From Support Steel to Stairs, Platforms, and Mezzanine, UMD has a variety of Structural Steel offerings.

Tire & Wheel Systems

The Tire & Rubber industry has a lot of challenges. Our equipment solves these challenges, and can improve productivity, efficiency, and throughput.

Tire Rotators

UMD Tire Rotators are an integral component of our fully automated Tire and Wheel systems.

Tire Stackers / De-Stackers

UMD manufactures tire stacking equipment to meet your specific needs. Our stackers are part of a fully automated system and designed to provide efficient storage of processed tires maximizing square footage on the plant floor.

Tire Weight Press

UMD Tire Weight Machines provide offline dynamic balancing to assure that new tires are properly balanced before being mounted on vehicles.

Trailer Systems

UMD is on the leading edge of self-contained, electronically controlled trailer conveyor systems designed for JUST-IN-TIME delivery of tire and wheel assemblies and palletized products.

Vertical Conveyors

UMD Vertical Lifts provide a safe, effective way method for elevating tires without using excessive floor space.

Weigh Scale Conveyors

The use of precision scales to control tread weight helps ensure a quality product, providing an additional checkpoint prior to booking.

Wig Wags

UMD Wig-Wags provide non-precision, semi-precision and precision stacking. Our engineers will help you develop the most appropriate stacking system based upon your specifications.

Wind-Up Systems

UMD offers both spool and cassette winding which are available for both sidewall and tread profiles. These solutions incorporate our on-the-fly spool change technology to keep the process efficient while minimizing personnel requirements and downtime.

ZonAcc © Accumulation

ZonAcc positive drive conveyors provide efficient non-contact accumulation of both tires and wheels. The ZonControl feature minimizes control I/O compared to traditional systems.

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