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Conveyor Systems

At UMD, our approach to the material handling requirements is to address the key issues of our clients and provide a product that will exceed their expectations. We strive to provide systems that improve productivity and efficiencies, are constructed of durable materials and have low maintenance requirements, reducing your total cost of ownership, and extending the overall system life cycle. 

UMD builds systems designed around the specific product, or unique requirements of our customers. Because of our unique approach, we are able to provide the exact fit between the application and objective each and every time. Below is a detailed list of our products:

Standard Conveyors
UMD offers an extensive line of pre-engineered standard conveyors that can be relied upon to create a modular or complete system. Our system architecture is designed to handle medium to heavy-duty capacities, all designed with customization in mind. This enables a quick turn around for both custom and standard systems, which are designed to facilitate current demands and future requirements.

Transportation & Trailer Conveyor Systems

Many organizations struggle with effective ways to transport and organize their products for fast and efficient delivery. UMD offers complete, customized solutions for almost any type of product, with scalable architecture, which can be retrofitted, or built specifically for the unique needs of transportation. In fact, UMD is on the leading edge of self contained, electronically controlled trailer conveyor systems for Just In Time (JIT) delivery.

Our conveyor systems are nearly limitless in their application, and since most are custom-built, a UMD conveyor or material handling system is not limited to proprietary systems and equipment, like many of the standardized products available. This benefit allows organization with current systems and equipment to continue use of existing equipment, and modify them for current usage, protecting their investment. Additionally, with UMD, proprietary restrictions can be easily overcome, because we custom design each system to work with your existing facility or equipment.

UMD offers solutions, which meet the demands of today, and protect the investments of the past. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services.

Structural Systems
UMD designs and manufactures all types of structural systems to suit the unique needs of our customers. We offer our customers a comprehensive resource for structural components such as mezzanines, platforms, stairs, catwalks, and handrails. Specializing in steel fabricating components, a completed UMD structural system is built to last, even under rigorous usage conditions. And, we can install any UMD structural component as part of a total package, or as a remote project.

Bulk Handling
UMD also designs structural systems designed for Bulk Handling. A heavy-duty bulk material handling system built by UMD is engineered to withstand the rugged use and wear that the bulk handling industry demands. Built to your custom specifications, our Bulk Handling systems are designed with you in mind, assuring that the system will work seamlessly with your application.

Additional Solutions:

  • Custom Machinery
  • Palletizers
  • Logistics Software

Contact us today to learn more about the Bulk Handling systems available from UMD.

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