As we’ve spoken about in previous blogs, automated conveying systems are an important part of efficiency and productivity in today’s manufacturing environments. To maintain the competitive edge, manufacturers need material handling systems that are superior in both function and form. We deliver those qualities with our ZTR Powered Curve conveyor system.
The ZTR Curve enables 90°, and 180° powered curves in a wide variety of sizes that will meet the needs of various applications and industries. The system maintains a constant inner radius no matter the belt width and can even have a small inner radius for wider belts. With smooth and reliable 90° and 180° transfers, products maintain location and duration with no relative movement between product and belt. Additionally, lug tooth sprocket engagement for positive drive keeps everything moving along smoothly.
Compared to other technology, the ZTR Curve greatly reduces annual cost of ownership. Solid, robust conveyor construction means low and easy maintena