UMD Automated Systems offers an industry-tailored 90 degree and 180 degree powered curves featuring modular Intralox ZTR belting. Available in medium and heavy-duty designs. The powered curves offer smooth and reliable transfers while maintaining product location and orientation.
The non-adhesive flat top belt doesn’t allow for relative movement between the product and the belt. It can also be used as an additional accumulation zone. Which is also safe for green tires with no catch points and helps maintain tire gapping.
It has a small, constant inner radius despite belt width. The ZTR has a lug tooth sprocket engagement for positive drive. This is a simple and low maintenance drive system. The low tension belt makes it easy to replace or repair a belt when needed. The low tension system has eliminated many issues of a traditional conveyor system such as belt mistracking, slippage and frayed edges.
The ZTR has improved r